Glass and Metal Sculpture Gallery


In the early 90’s. overwhelmed by a fascination for the unusual glass and art nouveau (glass made by Gale, Lalique and Tiffany), we took the first steps into the fragile art of a glassworker.

The process of decorating glass is both time and labor intensive, but the results are well worth the effort. The method combines both hot and cold treatment of the glass. The surface in not painted, the color is “extracted” from the glass. The surface of the glass is covered with certain metal oxides. When heated close to the melting temperature of the metal oxide, color ions start migrating and penetrating the glass mass, thus creating an impression of delicate relief and wide range of colors.”

Mattson’s Fine Art has the honor of presenting a collection of work done by Polish artist, Miroslaw Stankiewicz, Rafal Galaka and Maciej Zaborski. In additions I have added several major American, British and Australian artist. This presentation covers work done over the last five years, showing a progression of their skills working with both glass and the imagery which adorns it. The work has been presented at SOFA in Chicago and New York ever since 2006.