Glass and Metal Sculpture Gallery


Early into the 90’s, Greg Mattson realized glass through art nouveau. Inspired by works of Gale, Lalique and Tiffany he took a great fascination and appreciation for its fragile, brilliant and malleable qualities. Through his experiences in the art world, he acquired a similar fascination and appreciation for metal working in a variety of contexts. 

The artists shown by Matton’s Fine Art today exude the very essence of fine contemporary art in a variety of spectrums. As most of the work displayed are sculptures, they occupy both the physical and aesthetic qualities of design and form to perfection. His collection has been represented in a multitude of shows and gallery spaces, including SOFA Chicago and New York since 2006. 

Mattson’s Fine Art has had the honor of presenting several successful Polish artists, including Miroslaw Stankiewicz, Rafal Galaka and Maciej Zaborski. In more recent years, his glass collection has grown to display accomplished contemporary artists such as Alexis Silk, Christopher Jeffries, Mark Lewanski, Deanna Clayton and James Wilbat. As his appreciation for metal as a medium has grown, so too has his representation of artists such as Gary Traczyk and Theodore Gall.